OGEC Mexico

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Geology & Reservoir Services

  • Geology database
  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Training and Software
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Petrophysical Services

  • Data collation and processing
  • Lithology and Porosity models
  • Hydrocarbon Volumetrics
  • Reserves and Production Targets
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Well-Site Services

  • Well-site witness operations
  • Data acquisition QC
  • Data transfer and Interpretation
  • Logging program execution
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The highest-resolution description of a hydrocarbon reservoir is at the locations where wellbores come in contact with the reservoir. Data acquisition and analytical processes of the reservoir at this level are in the petrophysics discipline. This information is integrated across the field with seismic data, core data and field history to create a comprehensive description of the reservoir.

Whether it is a single wellbore or a field study, OGEC provides fast, objective, and reliable log interpretation and evaluations.  We offer expertise and insight to make the better use of your data in basins around the globe. Services include:

  •  Interpretation of well logs and core data integration for hydrocarbon potential.
  • Interpretation of well logs for porosity volume and rock types.
  • Development of “Pay Flags” for volumetric calculations of reserves.
  • Logging program design and supervision.
  • Artificial Intelligence and normalization for field level harmonization.
  • Processing sonic logs for rock mechanics and stresses.
  • Processing and Interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance logs.
  • Reservoir monitoring using cased-hole logs.
  • Seismic interpretation and VSP processing.

The results of these analyses are delivered as color plots, log collages, digital files, spreadsheets, and reports.

Our Mission

We are an experienced team of technical professionals in the Oil and Gas industry with a broad range of expertise in Operations, Reservoir Solutions and Formation Evaluation, including Conventional and Unconventional resource plays. Our mission is to provide our clients with technical expertise to assure:

  • Data quality and access,
  • Accurate analyses to provide information for Exploration, Development and Production,
  • Provide these services in a timely, confidential, and cost-effective manner.