Vast Global Experience in Every Drilling Environment

“OGEC has been running petrophysical evaluations for Wandoo Energy since 2007.  They have always been available 24/7 to evaluate drilling wells. In addition, OGEC has used their expertise in petrophysical modeling to identify bypassed reserves in mature fields, enabling Wandoo to make sound decisions on a recent acquisition. No matter the scope of work, their team is thorough and precise.”

Alex Marshall, President, Wandoo Energy, LLC

OGEC’s well log analysts, petrophysicists, geologists, and engineers have worked in every global basin, with specialization in deep-water offshore plays.

Our familiarity and confidence as advisors on the nuances of regional formations are what make OGEC the premier consultants to E&P organizations across the globe.

Global Basin Regional Experience OGEC

Through our subsidiary, Oil and Gas Evaluations and Consulting Mexico S de R.L. de C.V. we can offer our services to E&P operators in Mexico. To learn about our most recent project, read the full press release.