Case Study: Wellsite QC

Wellsite QC Saves Rig Time

How one client saved hundreds of thousands through diligent wellsite QC.


Case Details: For more than 15 years, a large deep-water, offshore driller has relied on OGEC for quality control on its wireline logging operations. In one particular instance, while monitoring operations prior to logging, OGEC’s consultant noticed a crane operator being told to backload a boat while the logging operations on the rig were waiting on the crane. Immediately, our team realized this could impact efficiency and increase rig time, so we quickly alerted the Company Man. Upon further investigation, the client’s team realized this mistake could have been detrimental to the rig’s efficiency. In this case, we were able to save the client more than 2 hours of lost rig time and several hundred thousand dollars.

A wellsite operations consultant must always be diligent in communications and adhere to operational procedures. From the Company Man and drilling operations to geology and reservoir engineering, when our wellsite operations consultants are on-site our top priority is to keep operations moving with accurate information and to escalate quickly when rig time is at risk.