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Brian Davis: Petrophysics and Data Integration

Special Interests: Multi-well Field Studies, Programming, Wellsite Operations

  • Brian D. Davis

Mr. Davis is a petrophysicist and petroleum engineer with more than 30 years of experience. Mr. Davis has performed Petrophysical and Geological studies in multiple basins worldwide.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Data base building, multi-well basin field studies, and normalization
    • Wellsite operations for both LWD/Wireline and FT sampling
    • Mapping of petrophysical results with geologic and production integration
    • Programming for fluid substitution, rock mechanics, pore pressure prediction, and unconventional petrophysics
    • Wireline bid evaluation and contract reviews
  • Education:
    • B.S. Petroleum Engineering degree from Texas A&M College Station in 1988
    • Member SPWLA since 1997 served as secretary for Houston Chapter 1995-1997
    • Member SPE since 1983

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Drew Hall: Petrophysics and Petroleum Engineering

Special Interests: Unconventional Reservoirs, Low Pressure Gas Reservoirs, G&G Operations

  • Robert “Drew” Hall

Mr. Hall is a petrophysicist and petroleum engineer with more than 10 years of experience in domestic and international basins. He is frequently involved in geologic and petrophysical operations for deep-water projects in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Wellsite Formation Evaluation Operations
    • Open-hole and LWD log analysis, basic and advanced techniques (Powerlog)
    • Geologic database building and procedures (Geographix)
    • Uphole recompletion planning and execution, East Texas Basin
  • Education:
    • B.S. Physics degree from Stephen F. Austin State University in 2009
    • M.E. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M College Station in 2015
    • Society of Professional Well Log Analysts
    • Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society
    • Society of Petroleum Engineers

Licensed Professional Engineer, State of Texas #136130

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Andy Jeffreys: Borehole Seismic Geophysics

Special Interests: VSP Processing

  • Andy Jeffreys

Mr. Jeffreys is a geophysicist with more than 35 years of experience in VSP processing for international oil companies, holding data processing and supervisory positions for SSL and READ before establishing Upwave Ltd in 2004.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Processing of borehole seismic VSP data behind third party acquisition
    • All survey types including checkshots, rig source VSPs, offset and walkaway VSPs
    • Processing of synthetic seismograms and VSPs to derive time-depth relationship at the well and obtain a character tie with the surface seismic
    • Pre-survey and post-survey modeling
    • Illumination of near-well geological features, seismic wavelet phase analysis, shearwave, Q, AVO and anisotropy analysis
  • Education:

B.Sc. Physics with Geophysics degree from Liverpool, 1982

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Dan Mathis: Geology and Petrophysics

Special Interests: GOM and Gulf Coast, Geo-steering of Horizontal wells

  • Dan Mathis

Thirty years of petroleum industry experience in wireline operations, formation evaluation, recruiting, sales, and technical support for both a major wireline company and a major directional drilling company. Also involved with a high tech startup service company providing state of the art resistivity devices. Specific experiences and skills include

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Extensive exposure to wireline logs in the Gulf Coast (Texas to Mississippi) and the Gulf of Mexico
    • Full knowledge of both open-hole wireline and LWD logging tools
    • Quality control of wireline and LWD operations
    • Familiar with log analysis programs QLA2 and PRISM
    • Author of seven technical papers on geosteering in horizontal drilling operations
    • Earned “Wildcatter” award for a new gas reservoir discovery in San Patricio County, Texas
    • Interpretation skills include both hand and computer analysis
    • Taught logging schools to beginning geologists for a major oil company
    • William Jewell College B.S. Physics, 1968
    • Wichita State University M.S. Physics 1969
    • Treasurer, Vice President, and President of Society of Professional Well Log Analyst 1995-1997
    • Treasurer of SPWLA National Convention 1997
    • Society of Petroleum Engineers
    • American Association of Petroleum Geologists
    • Houston Geological Society
    • Gulf Coast Association of Geological Society

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Richard Odom: Geology and Petrophysics

Special Interests: Reservoir Monitoring, Cased-hole Logs, Statistical and AI analysis

  • Richard C. Odom

Mr. Odom is a petrophysicist and geologist with more than 35 years of experience in domestic and international basins. He has authored numerous papers and patents on petrophysics and well-logging tool design.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Reservoir Monitoring using Pulsed-neutron systems
    • Analysis of production and completions (production logs, cement integrity)
    • Open-hole and LWD log analysis, basic and advanced techniques
    • Field-level data harmonization and geologic model building
    • Artificial Intelligence and statistical analysis of large data sets
  • Education:
    • B.S. Geophysics degree from New Mexico Tech in 1980
    • M.S. in Geology at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2009
    • TBPG Professional Geoscientist – Geophysics #6718

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Ron Smith: Wellsite Geologist

Special Interests: Petrophysics, Log Program Development, Geologic modeling

  • Ron Smith

Experienced development and wellsite geologist. Familiar with service quality of wireline logging and sampling, mud logging and LWD logs. Providing clients with assurance that tools and equipment are delivered to the rig on time and calibrated, both at the field and at the service company base prior to shipment. In addition, provide quality control of all formation services during logging operations.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Wellsite Geologist / Wireline Witness
    • Exploration / Operations Geologist
    • Development / Operations Geologist
    • M.S. Geology (candidate) – New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro NM – 1998
    • B.S. Geology – California State University of Bakersfield, CA – 1994 A.A./A.S. – Antelope Valley College, Lancaster CA – 1992
    • Bone Spring Formation, Delaware Basin: Progress and Future Directions – AAPG 1999
    • Theoretical and Experimental Preconditions for Direct Diagnosis of Hydrocarbons Based Seismic Data in the South Caspian Basin – Geophysical Society of Azerbaijan – 2010

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Richard Willingham: Geophysics

Special Interests: Seismic Interpretation, Advanced Inversion and Attribute Mapping in Basins Around the World

  • Richard Willingham

Over 40 years of foreign and domestic oil and gas exploration experience with primary focus on risk reduction through accurate interpretation and prospect evaluation. Consult with companies to improve economic effectiveness of seismic information by application of comprehensive suites of mapping, inversion and attributes software. The objective is to obtain maximum benefit from the existing corporate database for prospect and play generation by producing and interpreting data volumes with enhanced potential for structural, stratigraphic, and rock and fluid properties evaluation.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Seismic and Geologic Interpretation (Conventional and Quantitative)
    • Prospect screening
    • Acoustic Impedance inversion (conventional and advanced)
    • Simultaneous (AVO) Inversion
    • Seismic Attributes analysis
    • Fault and fracture detection
    • Seismic Reservoir Characterization: Multi-discipline fully-integrated Field Studies
    • Mentoring in utilization of advanced Inversion and Attributes data and quantitative interpretation team building
    • Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists License Number 3323
    • California Registered Geophysicist GP 864 (inactive)
    • Completed all but dissertation for Ph.D. in Geophysics, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
    • M.S. Geophysics: University of California, Riverside
    • B.A. (Cum Laude), Geology: University of California, Riverside
    • Society of Exploration Geophysicists
    • American Geophysical Union
    • Geophysical Society of Houston

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Charlie Winston: Geology and Petrophysics

Special Interests: Petrophysics and Reserves Evaluation in Basins around the world

  • Charlie Winston

Forty plus years cumulative experience information evaluation, testing, and computer interpretation of wireline oil data in the business.

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists License Number 3518
    • President of Petro-Seis (formation evaluation and log digitizing company)
    • Managed wireline district for major wireline company
    • IManaged Computing centers for Major wireline company
    • Quality control of wireline logging operations
    • Team leader for field studies in North America, Canada, Russia, Azerbaijan
    • Field studies include
    • GOM-Eugene Island, GOM-South Marsh Island ,East Texas – Carthage Field, Azerbaijan-Gunashli Field, Canada – Blue River Field, Egypt-offshore
    • Expert in Russian log evaluation and interpretation
    • QProgramming specialist in FORTRAN, Petcom
    • Stephen F. Austin State University 1973 with B.S. in Physics and Mathematics
    • American Association of Petroleum Geologist
    • Society of Professional Well Log Analyst
    • Geophysics and Engineering Societies

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Meisong Yan: Reservoir Engineer

Special Interests: Reservoir Evaluation, EOR and Water Flood Design

  • Areas of Expertise:
    • In-depth knowledge and practice in classic reservoir engineering, reserve review and booking, reservoir simulation, reservoir fluid characterization, project management, and oilfield economic evaluation
    • West Africa offshore new field development in sandstone reservoir
    • US onshore matured field Water Flood and EOR optimization and expansion in carbonate reservoir evaluation
    • 4 SPE papers
    • 1 UK patent (GB2394041B)
    • 1 BP CoP presentation
    • 4 Chevron internal technical forum posters and 1 invited workshop presentation
    • 1 CO2 conference presentation in Midland
    • 2 CAPA Technical Symposium presentations in Houston
    • Licensed PE in TX (#102480)
    • Texas Tech University, M.S., Chemical Engineering 2000
    • Co-author for SPE 154181, 124906, 85315 and 74427
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