Reservoir Monitoring

Reservoir Monitoring Geologic Image

Our geologists are experienced in job planning all the way through to reservoir analysis and well bore compliance.

OGEC’s team of geologists have experience with reservoir monitoring during the life of the reservoir, including EOR operations as well as prospecting for by-passed pay in existing fields that utilize logging in cased-holes.

Our expertise spans pulsed-neutron and other cased-hole logs, which are applied to monitor reservoir performance and target new potential parts of the reservoir. Additionally, we apply well integrity tools as well as production logging tools to assure the completion is working as planned. Our modern statistical tools, such as Artificial Neural Networks cased-hole tools, fill in missing data in older fields and create a standard database.

Reservoir monitoring services include:

  • Production analysis from production logs
  • Production analysis from pulsed-neutron
  • Reservoir analysis in old wells, including open-hole emulation
  • Well bore integrity and compliance
  • Gravel pack integrity
  • Mechanical integrity tests for storage wells

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